Zagara's Marketplace Sale Promotions

Zagara’s Marketplace offers special pricing, “as advertised”, “red tag” item and manager specials in the store every day.  There is never a day where you can’t find a great price on great products around the store.

First, we offer weekly “as advertised” promotions that are published on our website and in our printed weekly circular.  This circular is mailed to over 30,000 residents living in Cleveland Heights and some of the surrounding neighborhoods abutting our fine city.

Second, we promote, in-store only, “red tag” temporarily reduced prices.  Each red tag sale item expiration date differs and can be as long as 6 months or even a year, however, most are 3 month promotions.  There are so many that we can’t publish a list! You can only see them in-store.

Third, our managers are always searching for special buying opportunities where they pass the savings on to you via a “manager special”.  A great example of this is when the new crop, local apples hit our docks. We can’t plan to include this in the circular because we don’t know when the farmers will harvest their crop.  A manager special hits the mark to offer you a great local produce at great prices.

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